Here's To...

Growing Learners... One AdVenTuRe at a time!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”  ~Dr. Seuss

Why I began adventures in storyland?


My Passion is MY MISSION

As an CONSULTANT for Usborne Books & More, I strive to make children life-long readers connecting them with books they LOVE! Also, 'reading time' allows for great bonding time which is my favorite!

As a TUTOR, I lesson plan to meet the needs of my clients in an effective and exciting way!

As an AUTHOR, my realistic fictional story with non-fiction components BOOK speaks to the value of FaMiLy, and making MeMoRies! 


Early Elementary & Elementary Tutoring

 Tutoring sessions are offered on a 1-on-1 session and can also accommodate small groups, as well as Homeschoolers!                                                                            I am a certified elementary teacher with 13 years of experience and graduated with a dual level LITERACY Master's Degree from Long Island University. 



Usborne Books & More Consultant

WHY did I make the choice to become a


Usborne Books & More's children's books are AMAZING but the real draw: I can DO what speaks to my HEART and my CRAFT of teaching. I can….
1. Help spread the love of literacy that is CRUCIAL. I know electronics, across the platform, are becoming second nature. But children need "tools" to make meaning of a text. Kids need to develop a POSITIVE & a FUN relationship with reading through engaging  kids BOOKS.
2. Be a supportive bridge for parents and their children. I love working hard to put the RIGHT book into a child's hand.  Parents can explore a child's mind and appreciate the ways a child absorbs and comprehends a text.
3. Give Parents extra bonding time. 'Reading time' creates intimate & memorable moments.  Moments like this can turn into one of your child’s fondest memory.
4. Give children books that make them SMILE and also  express other emotions;)
5. Create/Strengthen a community of Readers! Let's share our Reading Adventures and hopefully learn from one another!